Oct 04, 2022
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In politics as in life, there is a right way and a wrong way to do things. Moses expressed it well justprior to leading the people of Israel into the Promised Land. To Moses it was clear. There is a way leading to blessing and a way that brings a curse.

Times have changed, but the Torah has not. A unique phase for Israel – having an unprecedented second election within a year – means this is a momentous time for Israel to get it right just as in the old days. This is a time to forge together, to form the necessary coalition, and to move ahead in congruence with the prime minister.

Yet, Israel is not a Torah-run government. This is reserved for only certain segments of Israeli society and the government must accommodate them as well as those who are not Torah observant, including middle-of-the-roaders. Additionally, those on the Left where the gas gauge reads empty (meaning they have nothing beneficial to offer), these citizens are also represented by the government though they are more difficult to appease. This is due, in part, to the Left being less realistic about the real world and especially about Israel. Worse yet is a circulating report alleging the Israeli police are being controlled by political leftists and in collusion with the media. According to a political analyst, they have a type of agenda to bring down Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his government. If this is the case, then Netanyahu has formidable leftist opponents who have brought indictment and fraud charges against him that may be considered frivolous. How far do such hijinks go?

The current prime minister continues as a very favorable leader, standing on his long-proven record of solid leadership bringing Israel among the top tiers of the world in agriculture, technology, business, medicine and others. He is rational during emotional national crises, such as the handling of Gaza and other potentially explosive situations, yet people are quick to criticize him. The highest leaders of any government always have more intelligence information than the popular press and therefore are better positioned to call the shots. The prime minister is not weak nor fearful of Israel’s enemies. He consistently chooses the path which will cause the least amount of harm to the Israeli people while at the same time leading the world’s most moral army in defensive conflicts.

Given the unusual complexity of geopolitics, he is careful and has deftly made his way through the complex and tight web of international relations. He has positioned Israel in such a way as to be on speaking terms with those who just a few years ago would view this as unthinkable.

The most vociferous dissent against Netanyahu might be his handling of domestic issues. This is an issue not uncommon in many other countries. With a steady hand, Netanyahu has adroitly handled societal and cultural issues that pop-up unexpectantly during any administration.

As with other nations, Israel’s domestic issues include citizenship, cultural and ethnic issues, and fiscal issues that realistically cannot satisfy everyone. These things always have a way of being chronic and worthy of news stories everywhere. A major difference between Israel and her neighbors is that Israel permits opinions to be freely expressed and not suppressed.

When engaged in battle or conflict, the old adage that it is better to know the person you’ve got than to take a chance with the person you don’t know, is particularly pertinent to Israel. This tiny nation, surrounded by hostile enemies on every side, cannot afford to lose even one war. Netanyahu has been steady and very statesman-like. His opposition possesses no similar record of experience. One wrong move to the Left could lead to disaster. Leftist views tend to keep going Left, too bizarre to be realistic.

US President Trump has not released his version of what is being called the most comprehensive Middle East peace plan to date. Though there is obvious synergism between Netanyahu and Trump, Netanyahu has been quiet prior to hearing and reviewing the full version. This is a sign of both deliberation in judgment and wisdom as taught in Pirkei Avot, commonly known as Ethics of the Fathers.

All Israeli voters should also be deliberate and consider that going Right trumps moving to Left in order to avoid disaster.

The writer is an international Christian broadcaster and journalist whose articles appear in major magazines and newspapers, and whose pro-Israel daily television and radio commentaries are aired around the world. He is an advocate for Israel who is involved in humanitarian projects in support of Israel and her people.

Reprinted with author’s permission from The Jerusalem Post