Aug 17, 2022
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Arab media reported that last night, the IDF struck a Palestinian terrorist base in the Bekaa Valley in eastern Lebanon near the border with Syria. The targeted base belonged to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – General Command (PFLP-GC) supports the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. A spokesman for the group told Al-Hadath news that the “Israeli bombing in the Bekaa did not achieve its objectives,” but did not give details.

On Saturday night, the IAF attacked Iranian military targets in Syria, preventing an attack by Iranian drones armed with explosives. The sites were part of the Iranian backed Al Quds force,  the overseas arm of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), working with allied Shiite militias.

Qassem Soleimani, commander of the Quds Force, tweeted that “these insane operations will surely be the last steps of the Zionist regime.”

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah gave a televised speech on Sunday in which he threatened Israel with reprisals.

“From tonight, I tell the Israeli army on the border, be prepared and wait for us,” Nasrallah said in the televised address, threatening that retaliation could come in “one day, two days, three days…”

Nasrallah addressed the Israeli attack against the Iranian drones in which two Hezbollah military personnel and an IRGC operative were killed, calling it ” a clear act of aggression.”

IDF forces in the north have reportedly been put on high alert and Prime Minister Netanyahu expressed a resolve to deal with any threat.

“We won’t tolerate attacks on Israel from any country in the area. Any country that allows its territory to be used for attacks against Israel will bear the consequences. I stress: The state will bear the consequences,” Netanyahu said during a tour of the Golan Heights with IDF Chief of Staff Aviv Kohavi.

A Hezbollah spokesman said on Sunday that an armed Israeli drone exploded outside the organization’s propaganda offices in  Beirut. Another Hezbollah spokesman said that a second drone crashed, causing no damage, and was being studied by the terror group. Some Israeli reports identify the downed drones as being of Iranian origin.

Formed in 1968, the PFLP-GC has been responsible for several deadly terrorist attacks Avivim school bus massacre (1970), the bombing of Swissair Flight 330 (1970), the Kiryat Shmona massacre (1974) and the Night of the Gliders (1987). Since the late 1980s it has been largely inactive, but during the Syrian Civil War it has been fighting on the side of the Syrian government and the Lebanese Hezbollah.