Oct 04, 2022
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PJTN and our family of Watchmen joined a victory chorus of concerned Christians, Jews and people of conscience in America and around the world in saying “thank you” that Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib were barred from visiting Israel!

Thank you President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu for the brave process of refusing entry to these two women—they do not deserve to serve in the US Congress—and they did not deserve entry into Israel.

The Prime Minister noted in this announcement: “It’s been revealed that the sole purpose of their visit is to harm Israel and increase incitement against it.”

We are forgetting the most important part of this conversation. What about upholding the “rule of law”? The Knesset, representing their constituents, voted to enact the anti-BDS law. I commend PM Netanyahu for upholding the rule of law equitably in Israel. As the Chief law enforcement officer, it is his duty to do so! It would have sent the wrong message to the world had he capitulated to all the naysayers! It would have sent the message loud and clear that Israel’s government cannot be trusted to protect the rights of Jews, Christians and Muslims because the Prime Minister can bend the rule of law whenever and however he chooses. It also sends the message that the government leaders are not beholden to the laws of a sovereign state. Case closed! If Israelis decide the law should be reversed, let them vote on it! After all, isn’t it their decision anyway?

Additionally, mainstream media at large failed to tell America the real facts behind the duo’s trip cancellation. The real facts required some research behind the ‘headlines,’ and that’s what we do best at PJTN.

Here’s what we know –

The two nefarious Congresswomen expressed no real interest in visiting Israel as a whole. They were scheduling a visit to the termed “occupied” West Bank and East Jerusalem to stir pro-Palestinian support and media ops.
The proposed trip itinerary was planned by MIFTA—(The Palestinian Initiative for the Promotion of Global Dialogue and Democracy)—a pro-Palestinian organization headed by Hanan Ashrawi. Miftah has gone on record both advocating the BDS campaign and glorifying terrorism against Israel. Ashrawi is a member of the executive committee of the PLO. Like “old home week” for Omar and Tlaib.
They planned to visit what their itinerary referred to as “peace activists”—but were in fact political NGOs such as “Mercy Corps,” Amnesty International, Al Haq, DCI Palestine and Breaking The Silence, a far left Israeli group critical of Israel.
Omar and Tlaib claimed they had planned to meet Jewish and Arab members of Israel’s parliament, the Knesset, and that they intended to tour the West Bank city of Hebron with Israel’s military veterans.
No appointments to meet with Israel’s Knesset members were ever requested. The Israel “military veterans” in question on their itinerary were actual members of the foreign funded political NGO “Breaking The Silence.”
The 2017 “Entry To Israel” law has been described by media as “the law that attempts to block entrance visas to any foreigner who calls for any type of boycott that targets Israel—either academic, economic or cultural.” The BBC noted in its recent international reporting: “The law attempts to suppress the BDS movement which has drawn growing support across the US and Europe.” It needs to be clarified that the BDS Movement promotes the “right of return” for millions of descendants of Palestinian refugees, with the ultimate goal of elimination of the Jewish state and the denial to the Jewish people of their right to self-determination.
Omar described Israel’s move to bar their visit: “an insult to democratic values and a chilling response to a visit by government officials from an allied nation.” Let’s talk about what their passion to visit Israel was really about. Omar and Tlaib are avowed rabid pro terrorist, pro-Palestinian antisemites with one end game. To see the end of Israel. Their goal was to dupe the uninformed—and that includes unfortunately, millions, that theirs was to be a ”fact finding mission” by two members of the US Congress.
Finally, PJTN has to date collected tens of thousands of signatures demanding the removal of Omar and Tlaib—and their “Squad” mate—Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Sign the petition now at https://www.pjtn.org/demandomarresign

Thank you, PJTN Watchmen, for standing with us on this and every important issue we are facing in the ongoing battle against antisemitism.

We must continue to make our collective voices heard loud and clear—as in the case of Omar and Tlaib.

e for leaders.