Sep 20, 2021

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Following Israel’s ban of congresswomen Ilhan Omar (Democrat, Minnesota) and Rashida Tlaib (Democrat, Michigan), 2020 Democratic candidate Joe Biden took to twitter saying: “I have always been a stalwart supporter of Israel—a vital partner that shares our democratic values. No democracy should deny entry to visitors based on the content of their ideas—even ideas they strongly object to. And no leader of the free world should encourage them to do so.”

Ironically, Joe Biden was Vice President when Obama banned entrance to Israeli parliament member Michael-Ben Ari in 2012.

“This is the typical hypocrisy of the Democratic party” Ben Ari told Breaking Israel News.

“I wan’t being investigated and I never even said anything negative about the United States. I was not a member of any terrorist group despite what they were saying. The decision was completely arbitrary. “He (Biden) is now decrying precisely what his administration did to me.” he added.

“If he doesn’t know the facts, that’s bad. If he knows the facts but is ignoring them, that’s even worse” Ben Ari noted.

Recalling his denial of a visa during what was meant to be a short trip, the ex-MK said: “It was meant to be a short trip of 3-4 days and then I was going to go home. I basically never leave Israel as I have a deep commitment to the land despite being invited to various countries like the Ukraine and Spain”.

The victim of Biden’s travel ban wasn’t the only one to respond harshly to the hypocrisy. Political pundit Ben Shapiro responded to Biden’s tweet saying :”Remember that time the Obama administration barred a member of Israeli Knesset from entering the United States in 2012? Because you were vice president at the time.”