Dec 01, 2021

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Freshmen congresswomen Ilhan Omar, D, MN and Rashida Tlaib D, MI are planning to enter the Temple Mount complex according to reports from Israel’s channel 13 journalist Barak Ravid.

In a tweet on Wednesday, Ravid said that when Tlaib and Omar visit Israel on Sunday, they want to and will visit the Temple Mount. He added that they will be escorted by the Palestinian Authority according to “high ranking officials”.

Ravid also said that a visit of that nature can have an “explosive” impact in light of all the tension that took place in the last several days.

He also said that Israel’s deputy adviser for internal security Reuven Ezer held a secret meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu regarding the entrance of the two congresswomen who also support the boycott divestment and sanction (BDS) movement in Israel.

And although the meeting was meant to be kept secret, one of the officials leaked to Ravid that Ezer said that there is “a very good chance” that Omar and Tlaib will want to visit the Temple Mount as they are both Muslims. Ezer also stressed that if that is indeed the case that no delegates from the Palestinian Authority be involved in such a visit.

Ezer added that the ideal goal would be that neither congresswomen enter Israel but that if they do, the goal would be to minimize any damage to Israel’s relations with the US.

Additionally, Ezer said that not everyone in Tlaib and Omar’s entourage should be granted entrance into Israel. He added that he will request a list of people that will be escorting the congresswomen from the ambassador.