Jan 28, 2022

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Although the Israeli Supreme Court has blocked legislative plans to deport illegal aliens residing in the Jewish State, voluntary self-deportations surge 57% since 2018 Yisrael Hayom reports.

Newly published statistics by the Israeli government that were submitted to the Supreme Court reveal that there has been a substantial rise in the amount of infiltrators leaving Israel following the Deposit Law’s enforcement.

The data was presented as part of an appeal to compel the State to cancel out the Deposit Law.

The Deposit Law is a statute whereby 20% of earnings are deducted from illegal aliens’ salaries. The objective is to encourage them to leave Israel on their own accord. The illegal aliens receive that money when they agree to leave Israel.

The law’s goal to end the cash flow via remittances from illegal aliens to their families abroad. That way, it removes the incentive of remaining illegally in Israel.

Israel Hayom reports that since Israel started enforcing the law back in 2017, there has been an almost seven-fold surge in the amount of illegal aliens redeeming their money when they depart from Israel. Back in 2017, 12 infiltrators redeemed their money every month. However in 2018, that number climbed to 52 illegal aliens monthly. And in only the first half of 2019, 82 illegals left Israel every month – a 57% rise as of 2018.

The data reveals that 1,135 infiltrators redeemed their funds, totaling 12,800,576 NIS ($3,592,227), or around 11,500 NIS ($3,228) per illegal. On average, the total deposit, including the employer’s share, was 2,446 NIS ($687) on a monthly basis. 

Las month, BIN’s editor, David Sidman was barred from entering a rally in support of keeping the illegal aliens from Africa in Israel.