Dec 06, 2021

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A UAV from Hamas controlled Gaza was shot down by Israel after it invaded Israel’s air space Ynet and the IDF Spokespersons unit reported. 

The drone was taken in for further investigation by the IDF earlier on Monday. 

Earlier on Sunday, a member of Kibbutz Zikim, close to the border of Gaza, informed local residents that two suspicious objects were spotted in the community’s skyline It has not been confirmed if the residents were the ones who relayed the information regarding the drone to the IDF.

The military did not specify the actual location with regards to where the drone was shot down and where it landed.

Hamas has yet to comment. The terrorist organization’s leaders in Gaza are reported to have developed a drone program with assistance from Iran. The drones are typically used for reconnaissance along the Israeli-Gaza border and it’s unclear if they have the potential to carry out attacks.

Watch: IDF downs drone that entered its airspace in 2012 (courtesy: Youtube screenshot)

It is still unclear if there were incendiary or explosive devices attached to the drone or if it was being used for surveillance purposes only.

In 2012, Israeli jets scrambled to intercept a UAV that crossed into Israeli airspace from the Mediterranean Sea. The drone was brought down without incident in southern Israel. At the time, Lieutenant Colonel Avital Leibovich said it flew over Gaza but did not originate from there.

BIN has reported in the past about drones fitted with explosives being launched from Gaza into Israel. On Sunday it was reported that Gazans tried to infiltrate Israel with a grenade but were caught by Israel’s security forces.