Jun 29, 2022
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Violent riots have reached many major intersections throughout central Israel and Jerusalem. The reason is allegedly due to the shooting of an 18-year-old Ethiopian youth named Salomon Takeh by an off duty police officer in the Kiryat Haim area of Haifa. But upon closer look, it appears as though it is none other than the New Israel Fund, an organization that is funded by George Soros’ Open Society and the Rockefeller Brother’s fund, is behind the mayhem according to a report by Israeli news site Arutz 7.

The organization ‘Standing Together’, who receives funding from the New Israel Fund, is heavily involved in the Ethiopian protests that took place on Tuesday and are carrying into Wednesday the report said.

Mickey Gitzin, the head of the New Israel Fund, did not shy away from his involvement in the protests. “I very much hope that as many activists and organizations join this important protest” he added.

“I wish that every organization that is supported by the New Israel Fund will stand in solidarity with the Ethiopian people. I wish every Israeli would stand with them” Gitzin said. “I saw Standing Together there, I hope that there will be other groups that are supported by us” he reiterated.

MK Ofir Sofer from the National Union tweeted in response “To my dismay, just like any conflict in Israel, the New Israel Fund and their groups choose to inflame the protests with the intention of causing a rift in the nation via cynical manipulation under the guise of caring for the weak”