Jun 24, 2022
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Dozens of Arab terrorist prisoners in the Ashkelon prison on the southern coast of Israel staged an open-ended hunger strike on Sunday June 16. Arab NGO Anadolu Agency, reported that they are demanding “improvements in their living conditions” in prison.

The Ramallah-based Palestinian Prisoner Society (PPS) made a recent statement saying that the hunger strike comes in the wake of a protest of the prison staff’s rejection to meet the prisoner’s demands. These include increased exposure to sunlight, the cancellation of late-night cell raids and the loosening of visitation privileges for their families.

This is  the latest in a long history of ‘Palestinian’ prisoner hunger strikes In Israeli prisons. Back in  April, hundreds of these Arab prisoners staged a hunger-strike for other outrageous demands from the Israeli Prison Service.

When that happened, the same types of demands were made such as better living conditions and more frequent family visits, They even demanded the removal of cell phone-signal jammers from within Israeli detention facilities. They also insisted on the installation of public telephones.

When that happened, the IPS said that approximately 300 contraband cell phones, some of them carrying messages between terror cells, were smuggled into the wards. The cellphones were reportedly used to plan terror attacks, and had been involved in at least 14 attempts at planning attacks from inside Israeli jails, the IPS said.

In April 2017, Palestinian Prisoners staged another open-ended fast. But after 40 days of fasting, nearly 1,500 Palestinian terrorist prisoners ended their hunger strike for improved privileges in Israeli jails

Sadly, the prison service acquiesced to some of their demands. Once that happened, the prisoners ended their strike.