Dec 07, 2021

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Hamas, the Islamist terrorist group that runs the Gaza Strip, has canceled school today – on so-called Nakba Day – and encouraged children to participate in violent border riots.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) confirmed in a tweet that it had received intelligence that the terrorist group had taken the decision yesterday – and broadcast it to the Gazan population.

Although the IDF entreated Hamas to not encourage Gazan children to attend the so-called protests – which are nothing of the sort, considering the number of IED’s, other explosive devices and hidden snipers engaged there – its plea will certainly fall on deaf ears.

This is yet another cynical Hamas move, which is attempting to embarrass and / or threaten Israel at a time when thousands of additional tourists are in the country for the Eurovision Song Contest. The potential sight of wounded (or God-forbid) dead children will be seen as a price worth paying and a boon in the ongoing public relations war.

Nakba – or the catastrophe – commemorates the day when Israel declared its independence in 1948. The United Nations partition plan had called for two separate states – one for the Jews and another for the Arabs.

Following a civil war between Palestinian Jews and Palestinian Arabs while the British Mandate was winding down in 1947, five – count them – five Arab armies invaded the fledgling country on its declaration of independence intending to annihilate the approximately 600,000 Jews residing there.

During the fighting from 1947 – 1949, hundreds of thousands of Arabs left their homes – some some were forced to flee, some encouraged to leave – believing that an Arab victory was imminent.

As of publication, the United Nations had made no official comment regarding Hamas’ decision, tantamount to egregious child abuse and endangerment.