Jan 23, 2022

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Palestinian rioters in Bil'in attempt to infiltrate Israel's security fence. (Photo: IDF Flicker)

Palestinian rioters in Bil’in attempt to infiltrate Israel’s security fence. (Photo: IDF Flicker)

IDF troops shot a Palestinian teenager near the city of Hebron on Wednesday. The teenager was attempting to illegally cross into Israel from the West Bank.

“Yussef Sami Shawamreh, 15, was killed by the Israeli army near the separation barrier, close to al-Ramadin village,” a Palestinian source told the AFP. The source claimed that the body of Shwamreh was still in the army’s possession.

Shawamreh was from the village of Deir al-Asal al-Fouqa, located south of Hebron in the Judea region. He was evacuated to Soroka Hospital in Be’er Sheva where he later died from his wounds.


The Palestinian Ma’an News Agency reported from Palestinian Authority sources that the teenager was attempting to secretly enter Israel by climbing over the security fence near the southernmost end of al-Ramadin.

The IDF called on Shawamreh to surrender but after he refused, soldiers were forced to fire.

“The soldiers began full arrest procedure. After all the means were exhausted, the soldiers shot toward the main suspect, at his lower body and a hit was identified. An Israeli medical team took him to an Israeli hospital where he died of his wound,” an IDF spokeswoman said.

The shooting incident comes on the same day that IDF soldiers discovered a hidden weapons cache in the nearby Arab village of Beit Rima. Included in the cache were guns, mortar shells, stun grenades, helmets, night-vision equipment, army boots, and 15 rubber bullets.