Sep 28, 2021

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The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) made a stark announcement this morning, claiming that Iran’s proxy Hezbollah, has been conducting reconnaissance in the Golan Heights border area between Israel and Syria.

The IDF’s assessment highlighted that the Lebanese Shiite terrorist group – whose founding was predicated on Israel’s  from Lebanese soil – an event that took place nearly 20 years ago – had recruited in recent months, villagers residing in the Syrian Golan Heights to carry this out.

The sophisticated and carefully planned project is not yet thought operational, but the Hezbollah recruits who receive monthly wages have engaged in information-gathering efforts and are equipped with anti-tank missiles, explosives, machine guns and others arms.

“Hezbollah, which has already established its presence in southern Syria as the southern command to advise and train the Assad regime in fighting the rebels, is losing legitimacy and its palpable influence in the region,” explained an intelligence source in the Northern Command.

Israeli security sources allege that the operation, known as the Golan File, has deliberately been kept secret from Syrian dictator and mass murderer Bashar al-Assad. In line with its policy toward Hamas-run Gaza, Israel has threatened that it will hold the regime responsible for any attacks emanating from Syrian territory.

The IDF’s report further claims that as early as 2013, Hezbollah planned to use the chaos caused by first the Syrian Civil War and then it’s subsequent expansion into more of an international conflict to entrench itself in the Syrian Golan. This attempt came in parallel with Assad’s attempt to develop the area to advance popular resistance to Israel.

The initiative has been led by Abu Hussein Sajid (whose real name is Ali Musa Abbas Daqduq), the Beirut-based operative wanted by the US for attacks against its forces in Iraq, including in Karbala in 2007 that killed five American soldiers.

Sajid has served “as commander of a Hezbollah special forces unit and chief of a protective detail for Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah,” according to the US Department of Treasury.