Jan 19, 2022

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Egyptian Journalist Muhammad Tharwat Muhammad, editor-in-chief of Sawt Al-Ummah magazine, said in an interview on a Feb. 8, 2019 episode of “Blue Line” on Channel 2 TV (Egypt) that the Jews cooperated with anti-Christian revolutions throughout Europe because the Christians refused to accept a Jewish messiah, and that the Jews fanned the flames of the Protestant-Catholic conflicts.

He said that that Jewish merchants bankrolled and provided weapons to both sides of the American Civil War in order to take over the diamonds and gold, and that this is how they managed to take over the American economy.

The show was hosted by Hazem Abu Al-Saud.

Following are excerpts:

Hazem Abu Al-Saud: Tonight’s episode of “Blue Line” will be dedicated to the subject of the Jews and their history in revolutions in the societies in which they lived.


They have always caused unrest and revolutions in these societies.


Muhammad Tharwat Muhammad: The Christians refused to allow a Jew to take the throne of the Messiah. This is a very important point. They did not allow Bar Kochba to be the Messenger or the Savior. Therefore, they refused to cooperate with the Jews. So the Jews got back at them twice as hard for not supporting them in the historic Bar Kochba Revolt. They got back at them by cooperating with these revolutions, which were meant to end the clergy’s control over Christianity in France and Russia, and then in England and throughout Europe. These are very important things. The Jewish merchants fanned the flames of conflict between Protestants and Catholics.


In the United States, their motivation was commercial. They wanted to fan the flames of the Civil War between the North and the South, so that they could take over the diamonds and the gold.

Hazem Abu Al-Saud: They wanted to take over the valuable resources?

Muhammad Tharwat Muhammad: Yes. They provided weapons to both sides, the North and the South. The Jewish merchants bankrolled the weapons for both sides of the war.

Hazem Abu Al-Saud: And this is how they managed to take over the American economy …

Muhammad Tharwat Muhammad: Of course. They took control of the natural resources, and then of the oil, when it was discovered.