Jun 27, 2022
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As people worldwide busy themselves with holiday celebrations, especially striving to bring joy to the children in their lives, getting the right gift can become a burden. Colel Chabad, Israel’s longest running charity organization, has mastered this challenge by personally giving thousands of hand-picked gifts to hospitalized and special needs children in Israel.

“During the busy holiday season it can slip people’s minds that hospitals are filled with sick children for which there is little holiday cheer,” explained Rabbi Lipsker, administrator for Colel Chabad, to Breaking Israel News. “In addition, institutionalized disabled and special needs children often have parents who don’t visit them. Therefore, Colel Chabad makes every effort to ensure a happy holiday for all.”

This year, Colel Chabad not only provided a staggering 3,489 personally chosen gifts to children in 15 hospitals and 20 institutions throughout Israel, they also organized entertainment and treats for these ill and challenged children.

“Our dedicated Colel Chabad staff was supplied with a list of children, what they wanted for the holidays, and what they were capable of enjoying,” continued Rabbi Lipsker. “What’s the point of giving a puzzle to a child who can’t use his hands?”

Colel Chabad volunteers hold boxes of toys for sick children. (Courtesy)

Rabbi Mendel Lieberman, Organizer of Hospital Activities for Colel Chabad in Israel, told Breaking Israel News that the great 12th century Bible sage, Rabbi Moses ben Maimon, (Maimonides, also known by the acronym Rambam) teaches that Hanukkah is a particularly important time to make children happy.

“This takes a lot of work to accomplish,” he said. “And, Colel Chabad spared no expense or effort to fulfill this mitzvah. We did our best to give quality and well-thought out gifts to children who need some special joy in their lives.”

Not only during the holidays, but actually every day of the year, Colel Chabad strives to make miracles happen for Israel’s hungry, lonely and impoverished citizens. The well known and respected organization has a large network of social welfare programs in addition to their 22 soup kitchens located throughout Israel.

Colel Chabad helps anyone who comes their way. However, they make special efforts towards normalizing the lives of widows and orphans as well as running a wide range of daycare centers and after-school programs for single and impoverished parents. These unique and outstanding efforts are in recognition that providing quality care now ensures a positive future for the recipients as well as Israel.

Colel Chabad‘s main goal has always been to help those in the Holy Land in a manner that preserves and enhances their dignity. Hospitals, schools, and institutions that serve special needs children are grateful when Colel Chabad shows up to spread holiday light and cheer to those who need it most.

Doctors, nurses, and caretakers, consistently note that Colel Chabad‘s efforts for sick and disabled children make miracles happen. Listless children come to life. Appetites are renewed. Curiosity and excitement abound. And, love, care, and joy fill the air.

To donate to Colel Chabad’s network of social welfare programs, please click here.