Nov 30, 2021

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The tactic used by Hamas-led rioters in Gaza of using incendiary kites to cause damage and havoc in Israel is now being used by Palestinians from inside Israel. At least three incendiary terror kites were launched on Thursday in attacks against the cities of Matan, Yarhiv, and Nirit, three Jewish communities in central Israel. The area targeted by the incendiary kites is over 60 miles from Gaza so the attacks most certainly were launched by Israeli Arabs from inside Israel.

One of the kites ignited a fire in a field which was extinguished. Another kite hit power lines, causing a power outage for several hours.

As part of the Hamas-led March of return that has been threatening Israel’s southern border since it began March 30. The kites, rigged with firebombs, are being sent over the border by rioting Gazans.  Recently, the terrorists began rigging the kites with helium balloons in an attempt to set fires deeper inside Israel.

Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman said to media on Monday that an estimated 600 balloons and kites have been sent over the border with some 400 of them intercepted by IDF. 200 landed inside Israel, igniting 198 fires. Approximately 4,300 acres, or nearly seven square miles, of land bordering Gaza have been burned in the past two months, more than half of them in nature reserves.