Jun 27, 2022
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Three large brushfires believed to have been set by incendiary kites flown across the border from Gaza destroyed hundreds of acres of fields and part of a nature reserve on Saturday.

One fire near Kibbutz Karmia destroyed 500-740 acres of fields. In addition, officials estimated that 74 acres, about one-third, of the forest of the Carmia nature reserve were destroyed.

Another fire was set near Kibbutz Be’eri and yet another near Kibbutz Nir Am on Saturday. Dozens of firefighting crews and four airplanes were fighting the blazes, along with residents fighting to save their homes and fields from the terror arson. This was the worst day yet for fires set by incendiary kites.

Fires were also set on Thursday near the Kissufim Kibbutz allegedly by an incendiary kite.

The Agricultural Ministry asked farmers to harvest their wheat early to prevent further destruction. Farmers whose fields have been destroyed or damaged by incendiary kites are reimbursed by the government as victims of terror.

The IDF has reportedly downed over 500 incendiary kites since the Hamas-led March of Return riots began on March 30. Officials said that since the start of the protests the kites had set over 270 fires, destroying some 25,000 6,200 acres, or more than a third of all the land adjacent to the border with Gaza. This represents tens of millions of shekels of damage. The riots were scheduled to end on May 15 but leaders have called for the violent riots are continuing.