28 Oct, 2020

The Israel Defense Force (IDF) on Monday fired on a Syrian army position in the Golan Heights in retaliation for a mortar that hit Israel’s side of the Golan Heights region.

“The IDF views the Syrian regime as responsible for everything that happens in its territory and will not tolerate any attempt to harm the sovereignty of the State of Israel and the security of its residents,” the IDF said in a statement.

The IDF said that the mortar was probably a “stray” explosive and spillover from the ongoing Syrian civil war. No Israelis were reported to have been injured.

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The Israeli response to Monday’s incident comes at a time of increased tensions in Syria, particularly with regards to Iran’s ever increasing presence in the war-torn country. Most recently, Israel reportedly launched a strike against the T-4 Syrian airbase, which killed seven members of the Iranian military. Such bases have apparently been the locations of new military facilities for Tehran, according to satellite photos.

Israeli officials issued a stern warning last week against any attempt by Iran to attack the Jewish state after its alleged strike on the T-4 airbase.

With tensions growing between Jerusalem and Tehran, the head of US military’s Central Command (CENTCOM), Gen. Joseph Votel, arrived in Israel on Monday for discussions with Israeli security officials relating to Syria and Iran, the Israel Broadcasting Corporation, Kan reported.