Oct 18, 2021

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Member of Knesset (Likud) Rabbi Yehudah Glick ascended to the Temple Mount to commemorate the 30th day since his wife, Yafi, passed away.

Translation of his speech:

“Here is the natural connection of the world, here at this point. The heavens are all centered here. The sun rises in the east and bows to the west, and the moon rises in the east and bows to the west. There is a central point of the whole universe, and this is it: the center point of the whole universe. And when there is a center point, then it’s a magnetic field, all things are attracted to this thing, but on the other hand, everything gets the energy from here too. That is to say, on the one hand, our aspiration is to advance and arrive at the place, a little bit like going to an altar when all of the intention is to go up. But on the other hand, it is impossible to arrive at the holiest place. So there is a constant flow of desire to arrive, a pull forward, the aspiration of reaching the center of the world, of the entire world to the place from which we receive all our energies. So we need, when we come here, to try to fill, fill, fill the batteries, to fill, to connect the world of peace, the world of fullness, the world of the … we serve God. From here you receive the sense that you…that we serve him. He does not serve us. We do not stand over God with a stopwatch, and we have to keep moving forward and ask ourselves what we can do to make the world better.  To improve ourselves, so that humanity will be better, to illuminate each other. The light of the world comes from here, it is the light of the world, so this is the point from which we will truly receive this feeling, a sense of … that, from here, you draw everything, but our purpose, God created the world, created man, God created us to do, we have to do, we have to improve this thing. We have to make a place here for God … a place for God’s Shechina, and for the people of Israel who are the light of God, that we should be light for the nations. to be the light.”