Oct 21, 2021

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US Vice President Mike Pence will arrive in Israel Sunday night but no Palestinians, either in the Israeli Knesset or in the Palestinian Authority, will meet with him.

Joint (Arab) List leader Ayman Odeh tweeted on Saturday night that no MK in his faction, the third largest in the Israeli government, will meet with the US vice president, nor will they attend his address in the Knesset.

“I was asked if there has been a change in our position regarding Pence’s visit. He is a dangerous man, who has a messianic vision that includes the destruction of the entire region.”

Odeh also disparaged US President Trump in the tweet.

“[Pence] comes here as the emissary of a man who is even more dangerous – a political pyromaniac, racist, and misogynist who cannot be allowed to lead the way in our area. The entire Joint List will boycott his Knesset speech .”

In addition to the boycott by the Joint List, the Palestinian Authority led by Chairman Mahmoud Abbas announced they will not meet with Vic President Pence dure his diplomatic visit. This makes US-brokered negotiations an unlikely outcome of this visit.

Indiana Governor Mike Pence (c) visited the Western Wall with Israeli Ambassador to Israel Ron Dermer. (Photo: Facebook Page Mike Pence)

This will be Pence’s first visit to Israel as vice president though he visited the country in 2014 as governor of Indiana. He is known as an ardent supporter of Israel and has referred to Israel as “America’s most cherished ally”.