Dec 01, 2021

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told reporters on a Wednesday flight from New Delhi to Gujarat that the US embassy move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem will happen “much sooner than you think.”

Although US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said that the move may take at least three years or even longer, Netanyahu told Israeli reporters, “my confident assessment is that it will move much faster than people think, within a year from today.”

During his diplomatic trip to India, he also lauded US President Donald Trump for his decision to move the embassy and recognition Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Netanyahu reiterated his support for Trump’s other Middle East objectives, including his stance against the Iranian nuclear deal and cutting funding for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA).

“(Trump) decided on a timeframe for the necessary change in relation to Iran’s nuclear program, and the nuclear agreement,” Netanyahu said.

“Amendment to the agreement or cancellation of the agreement,” he continued. “These are very important things, because otherwise the Iranian train is going to one place.”