Jan 26, 2022

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Minister of Transportation Yisrael Katz made a trial run on Tuesday of the high-speed train line that will bring passengers from Tel Aviv via Ben Gurion International Airport directly to the Old City if Jerusalem. Katz named the new railway the King David Line, promising that the new train will be up and running by the holiday of Passover at the end of March, though some sections will remain incomplete.

“I decided to call the fast railway to Jerusalem the name of King David Railways because it is very symbolic that we are connecting all of Israel to Jerusalem, and we are connecting ourselves to the history of Jerusalem,” Katz said to the press. “King David was the one who established Jerusalem as the capital of the people of Israel… [We hope to] operate the railway by Passover to let the Jewish People go to Jerusalem as it was in the old days, to the Temple Mount.”

The electrically powered high-speed train is capable of traveling 100 mph, making the trip from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv in an estimated 28 minutes. The current diesel line does the same trip in one hour and 45 minutes. As an added bonus to the public, travel on the line will be free with a Rav-Kav smartcard for the first three months. At the end of the three months, a 50 percent discount will be given to passengers until the entire project is complete.